1 - What Volunteers Should Know about Lead-Based Paint (PDF

 2 - Lead Facts: What Employers Need to Know (PDF

 3 - Lead Facts: Preventing Lead Exposure (PDF

Lead-based Paint Is a Hazard under the Following Five Conditions:
1. The paint is on a surface that is CHEWABLE. This means that the surface is the right height and angle for children    to chew on it. This paint is a hazard even if the paint is in good condition.
 (Example: window sills.)

2. The paint is on an IMPACT surface. Impact surfaces are in locations where people moving furniture or other objects, children playing with toys, etc. often run into the surface. The impact is often hard enough to knock paint off the surface. The paint on this surface is a hazard if you see any paint chipped from the surface. (Ex: Edge of door frame below the four foot level.)

3. The paint is on a surface that is subject to FRICTION. Friction occurs when there is up and down, back and forth, or rubbing movement. This friction creates lead dust that can cause lead poisoning in children. This paint is a hazard if you see any worn paint. (Example: track where window
goes up and down or a floor.)

4. The paint is peeling, chipping, chalking, cracked, or other wise deteriorating.                                                  

5. Bare soil around buildings that have been painted with lead-based paint contains lead. This is a              hazard to children       who play in these areas. The bare soil is a hazard within 3 feet of the building. The top 6 to 8 inches of the soil will contain lead. This soil contains lead because the lead-based paint on the building ended up in the soil when it was scraped off or fell off in the past. This bare soil is a hazard even if you cannot see paint chips. The paint chips break down into very small pieces, but the lead is still there. Areas that have a good grass cover or landscaping to cover the soil are not a hazard.
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